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     N.V.N.Supply Co.,Ltd. was found in the year 2000 as a new company supplying chemicals and cementitious products for construction. The company is 100% under Thai ownership and management. The objective of the company is to supply the Thai Construction market with high-quality construction products at a reasonable price.
     N.V.N.Supply is one of the fastest-growing Thai companies in construction chemicals business. Products made by N.V.N.Supply has been recognized by many leading construction companies and contractors for its high quality, low process, and expert technical supports. In 2003, the production capacity for N.V.N. Supply is 1,500 tons per year total and is planned to double by 2004 in order to support the fast growing demands for N.V.N.Supply products.
     N.V.N. Supply is supported by a team of scientists and engineers with the experiences of more than 20 years. The technology used for production is on the same level as many international companies, without the high overhead cost for royalties, foreign experts, etc. Every batch of products can be traced due to effective Quality Control and Assurance. The quality of the products meets the international standards. 
     N.V.N. Supply maintains the high quality for products, fast delivery, low prices, and excellent after-sales service. The company is 100% Thai, purchasing products from N.V.N.Supply means the money will circulate within Thailand. The customers no longer have to pay for expensive import products or foreign expertise advises. N.V.N.Supply has a team of Thai experts and qualified engineers with extensive experiences in construction business that can give advice and solve various problems customers may have. N.V.N.Supply also has a Product Development team who develops new products and methods to meet the high demands and new technology in construction business. N.V.N.Supply is proud to be a part of your success.

Products and Services
Innovative Solutions
      N.V.N.Supply Co;,Ltd. is the leader in innovative solutions and practical knowledge in construction industry.
Localised Products
      Our products are customized to suit the local climates, work practices and market conditions. We believe quality products must meet local needs and N.V.N.Supply contributes to the growth of local solutions.
Comprehensive Range
      Our goal is to become a provider for high-quality products and practical and innovative solutions. N.V.N.Supply has strong technical support and a comprehensive range of products that work effively.
N.V.N.Supply Product Range
      -  Cementitious Mortar
      -  Polymer Modified Cementitious Mortar
      -  Concrete Admixtures
      -  Shotcrete Admixtures
      -  Mortar Admixtures
      -  Mould Release Agents and Curing Compounds
Cementious Mortar
N.V.N.Supply is a leading supplier of cementitious grouts in Thailand. Our cementitious non-shrink grouts are widely used for general purpose grouting. We have also developed various grouts for special needs such as high performance grouts and high early strength grouts.
      -  Rubrick Grout 241-11         High-flow non-shrink grout
      -  Rubrick Grout 212HP          High performance non-shrink grout
      -  Rubrick Grout 212GP          General purpose non-shrink grout
      -  Rubrick Padding Mortar      Dry pack mortar for machine beds
Polymer Modified Cementitious Mortar
N.V.N.Supply's concrete repair and waterproofing range consists of various cementitious mortar. With extensive experience in supplying repair and waterproofing systems, the following products are widely used in many applications.
      -  Rubricktop 107 Seal           Flexible protective and waterproofing slurry
      -  Rubrick GWater Plug          Fast setting cement water plug
      -  Rubrick Monotop               Polymer modified repair and self-levelling mortar
Concrete and Mortar Admixtures
N.V.N.Supply has an extensive range of concrete and mortar admixture for many types of applications
      -  Injection grout Aid              Expanding grout admixtures
      -  Rubricknol                          Air entraining mortar plasticizer
      -  Rubrickplast                       Waterproofing concrete admixtures    
      -  Rubrick Latex                     Bonding agent and waterproofing admixtures
Mould Release Agents and Curing Compounds
This range includes mould release agents and curing compounds. The mould release agents make removing the formwork from concrete easier as well as giving the concrete smooth and non-staining surface. The curing compounds save time and expenses by replacing inefficient concrete curing methods.
      -  Rubrick Mould Oil               Clear type oil based release agent
      -  Rubricksol S                      Silicate based curing comppund for concrete

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